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What is public speaking? Basically, it’s a presentation that’s given live before an audience. Public speeches can cover a wide variety of different topics. The goal of the speech may be to educate, entertain, or influence the listeners. Often, visual aids in the form of an electronic slideshow are used to supplement the speech and make it more interesting to the listeners.

A public speaking presentation is different from an online presentation because the online presentation may be viewed and/or listened to at the viewer’s convenience, while a public speech is typically limited to a specific time or place. Online presentations are often comprised of slideshows or pre-recorded videos of a speaker (including recordings of a live public speaking presentation).

Because public speaking is done before a live audience, there are some special factors the speaker needs to take into consideration. That being said, if you need a sex expert to speak at your next event, I am may be the right person for it!

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