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Most of us only have fleeting moments where we quite literally come together — at the same time. Orgasms for each partner can vary due to hormones, positioning, mental activity, etc. Maybe that is why we as a culture so highly value simultaneous orgasms. After all, if you go by how orgasms are portrayed in movies, you’d think we all had simultaneous orgasms. Hence, plenty couples fake orgasms due in part to the pressure we all put on ourselves to perform perfectly in the sack.

So, I’m not going to tell you to jump on the “come together” train. I think it is overrated. It’s like bad pizza, as far as I’m concerned, having any orgasm is a good thing. Alas, I get many questions about how to “achieve” (ugh, I hate that word) this ultimate sexual experience. So this is my disclaimer, coupled with the idea that it can be fun to experiment with simultaneous orgasm, just don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Try out different positions and incorporate a few tools for the trade. Here are some toys that can help that process.

These sex toys are made especially for couples, providing pleasure for both partners with penis rings and couple’s vibrators that give her more consistent clitoral stimulation with intercourse.

  • The Couple’s Enhancer Ring is a wireless wonder that slides over his penis, giving him pleasurable pressure and vibrating your clitoris at the same time. Couple Enhancer Ring
  • Stash his TV remote and replace it with the Screaming Master Ring and Bullet. These vibrating underwear are great for couples looking for a semi-public thrill, or who want to tease each other in private: He mans the controls; you relish the thrill of anticipation. Screaming O Master Ring Bullet and Panty Set
  • Use the We-Vibe to target her G-Spot and give clitoral stimulation all at once. We Vibe Touch
  • Slip the Fingo-Nubby right over your fingertip, or have your partner hold it for you. It takes finger stimulation to a whole new level. Fingo Nubby Finger Vibrator