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Everyone knows that exercise is good for the body and mind. Turns out it’s also vital to a vibrant sex life.

We know that staying in shape means greater stamina in bed, plus more flexibility and strength to get into those crazy, fun positions, but it actually goes way beyond those benefits. Below are Dr. Kat’s top seven more ways staying fit can increase sexual health:

Mr. Happy

The more fat we all carry on our body the more estrogen we produce. Estrogen, can be quite the arousal killer, especially for men. It can actually cause the penis to shrink. Getting into better physical condition can make your Mr. Happy very happy.

Blood Flow

One of the hidden benefits of exercise is increased blood flow throughout every region of your body, even the one between your legs. And for men, increased blood flow can mean a longer, stronger erection.

Kegel Crunches

Pelvic floor exercises can help you have stronger PC muscles leading to more intense orgasms for you and potentially for him. Next time you’re doing some crunches, try throwing in a few Kegels, too.

“Many couples that I’ve counseled, have told me when the woman began doing Kegels during sex, their husbands reported a massage sensation on their penises. Think of it as a pleasant vaginal friction hug.

Keep it Up

The Harvard School of Public health released a study stating that vigorous exercise 20-30 minutes a day for men will decrease your chances of suffering from erectile dysfunction.


Higher levels of estrogen in men, caused by those extra pounds, can also cause long-term desire to decline, similar to what happens when women go through menopause. Research has shown that it can take quite a while for men’s sexual desires to return after estrogen levels decrease.

The Magic of Pheromones

We all release our own concoction of pheromones. This is especially true during sex, but also while working out. A little bit of physical exertion and sweat can really help to turn each other on. This is why the gym can be such a great place to meet partners or why post-workout sex can be so hot.

Feel Good In Bed and Out

Research has shown that those who work out on a regular basis feel better about themselves. If you feel good about yourself you tend to be more open to exploring your own body leading to increased orgasms and even bonding between you and your partner.